2024 Collective Project

On May 5, 2019, in front of a group of his peers in Austin, Texas, Brayden performed Conscience, a song written (at age 14), during his personal struggle with depression and suicidal ideation. After the show, a middle school student approached Sydney and shared about her attempted suicide the previous week. As she began to tell her story, we knew something special was happening.

That night unlocked something for many of those students and, in the hours following the show, parents were calling and texting event organizers asking about the performance. Despite having heard similar messages in presentations from school, community, and church leaders, this event was different for two reasons: The words of encouragement came from peers who understood their pain and it was delivered through a medium that transcends… MUSIC.  Because of that night, our family stayed on the road. Traveling over 25,000 miles, through 41 states, we continued sharing our story and listening to countless more.

The 2024 Collaborative Project is putting to music the stories that intersected our lives. Written, performed, and produced with people who share our vision for creating music that speaks to those who are in the darkest places, our primary focus is shining light, giving hope, and providing encouragement through the hardest moments. Each song has a story and each story will be told in the words of the artists who bring them to life.

Stay tuned for updates…Here’s a hint: We’ll be traveling all around the country again!